Prenatal visits begin as soon as you would like you begin; a visit before you even conceive would be welcome, so that you have plenty of time to find a midwife you feel fantastic about working with. 

If you're already pregnant, no worries - reach out now, we'd love to talk more.  No need to wait for the end of the first trimester. We know how many questions and how much excitement comes up in those early weeks, we'd love to help you navigate all of the uncertainty and newness.

Our visits take place at our office on the west side of Madison. Visits last about an hour, giving us ample time to get all your questions answered. 

All people who will take an active role in the birth and/or life of your baby are very welcome to attend prenatal visits to meet us and learn about home birth.

Prenatal visits follow the normal obstetric format:  once a month until your 28th week, every two weeks from 28 through 36 weeks, and then weekly until your baby arrives. The 36-week visit takes place in your home. By 36 completed weeks you are safe to birth at home and should have all your supplies ready.

Labor and Birth

Your midwives will join you at your home once you are in active labor, and stay with you after your baby is born for two or more hours. We will leave only when we are sure mama and baby are stable and everyone is fed and tucked up in bed for a long rest. 



Our Menu of Services

"My favorite thing about my time with you was our weekly/ monthly meetings but especially those last few weeks. It was nice to be able to have time to talk about my fears and concerns and to feel like I was actually being heard. It also was nice to feel that you were excited for the baby to come like we were." 

- Rachael 


Prenatal Care

Choosing a home birth means entering into a relationship with your midwives, where trust and confidence are built on a strong platform of information.

This relationship requires time:  time to talk through the pros and cons of tests, screens and procedures; time to explore the experience of pregnancy to plan what you hope for your birth; and time to explore what a new person in your life is going to mean to you and those close to you.

At Four Trimesters Midwives, we give you the gift of time.

Continuity of care during a birth is not only our passion, 
 but is best-practice evidence based care. 


At Four Trimesters Midwives we are committed to providing midwifery care and a planned home birth for everyone who desires this option and agrees to make the commitment to self education and self care required for a healthy and safe childbearing year.

To this end our practice offers comprehensive care as described in our menu of services. We don't want any of our clients to have to choose fewer prenatal visits or to decline lab work  they might need because of inability to pay.

​Were you aware that out of hospital midwifery care costs about one-quarter the amount you or your insurance company would pay for standard prenatal care and hospital birth?

Private Insurance

Madison-area HMOs (Dean, Group Health Cooperative, UW Health) *do not* offer coverage for out-of-hospital midwives or home birth. We no longer bill private insurance; if you would like to bill your insurance, we will provide you the documentation necessary upon completion of services.  If your insurance plan does not cover midwives and/or home birth, we encourage you to write a letter of complaint to your company, as well as to the State Insurance Commissioner.

Badger Care

We welcome families who have BadgerCare and we are able to bill BadgerCare for your prenatal, birth, and postpartum care. For more information on BadgerCare or to see if you qualify, visit their site.

We offer a Sliding Fee Scale 

Four Trimesters Midwives, LLC offers an all-inclusive out-of-pocket sliding scale. We are committed to offering comprehensive midwifery care to everyone regardless of income, race or sexual orientation. Our sliding scale runs from $2,500 to $5,000. 

Please feel free to contact us to discuss our fees and payment

plans in further detail. It is our goal to make quality

midwifery care available to all who make the commitment to planning a home birth.

We are happy to work with you to make a flexible payment plan, as we are committed to making homebirth and midwifery care available to all. We accept checks and cash payment.

Health savings and flex plans can be used to pay for midwifery care. 

Other Notes

In the event of transfer out of care during pregnancy, your fees are prorated and doula services are offered. 

Postpartum and Newborn Care

Your relationship with your midwives does not end with the birth of your baby. We return 24 hours after the birth, again at day three, and then again at two weeks.  A last visit back at the office takes place at six weeks postpartum. Vitals on mother and baby, newborn metabolic screen, hearing screen, pulse oximetry screen, newborn and breastfeeding support and teaching take place at these postpartum visits.

Our families often do not have to leave their homes to visit a care provider until baby is two months old.

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