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Partos en casa con Parteras profesionales

"Experienced, knowledgeable, calming, and empowering. Where doctors usually try to direct labor and delivery the way they want it to go without caring too much how the experience is for the mother, you made me feel that I could choose the way I wanted my labor to go."  -Rachael

Birth AT Home

Home birth midwifery care - so

much more than

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Personalized Midwifery Services

​​​​We are a independent home birth midwifery practice in Madison, Wisconsin providing compassionate care for the childbearing year. We provide individualized midwifery care for those who are healthy, low risk and are choosing to give birth in the comfort of their own homes.

At Four Trimesters Midwives we view pregnancy and birth as a normal, natural, human process – a fundamentally healthy process, *not* a medical event. As your midwives our goal is to support and nurture your sense of personal strength, competence, and confidence.

We hold a strong commitment to the elimination of discrimination based on race and ethnicity, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, physical ability, mental health experiences, religion and spirituality, etc. We firmly believe all people deserve to not only be accepted for who they are but to have their diversity celebrated.

Prenatal Care



A personal relationship with your care provider is one of the best benefits of midwifery care

Servicios Personalizados de Parteria



You will spend an hour at each prenatal visit creating a relationship with your midwives, with plenty of space for exploring your wellbeing in all aspects

Comprehensive care for the childbearing year ...

all in the comfort of home

"It has been a privilege working with Hannah & Erika. I had a lot of anxiety about how everything involving pregnancy, birth, and baby would go and you have been such a supportive, calming, and empowering presence." -Maple’s Mom

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