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We work in partnership to provide comprehensive, individualized care for the childbearing year in the Dane County Area. Our goal is to work closely with women and families guiding them through the many choices they are offered at this time in their lives. 

Our combined experience in the field of midwifery includes 600+ births. 

We are thrilled to be working in a community with strong collegial relationships among care providers (both in and out of hospital).

We are dedicated to bringing options to all people who are starting or growing their families, whatever their needs or situation.

I first learned about midwifery from my high school science teacher after she recommended reading Spiritual Midwifery by Ina May Gaskin and Special Delivery by Rahima Baldwin.

As a teenager volunteering at the local children’s hospital, rocking babies in the NICU, these books impacted my thinking about the relationship between birth and a hospital setting. I thought seriously about becoming a midwife then, but instead  I channeled my passion for supporting women, children and families into education, where I had a rewarding career for more than 20 years.

Meet Hannah, CPM LM

I have been active in the birth community since 2001, when I gave birth to my first child Marcos at home in Puerto Rico with the help of a midwife.

Since that moment I have been working to help women in my community not to fear birth, but to embrace it. 

I gave birth to my second child Camila in 2010 at home in Madison with the help of midwives. 

It was at that moment that I realized that helping women take control of their birth in an environment surrounded by peace, compassion, and love would be an integral part of my existence.

​​Meet Erika, CPM LM CLC

​I began my journey to become a midwife in 2011 by enrolling in online courses offered by Escuela dar a Luz. In April 2012 I attended the Assistant Midwifery Workshop at The Farm in Tennessee and had the privilege of meeting the amazing midwifes that live there.

I apprenticed with a homebirth midwife in Madison 2014, also training to become a Certified Lactation Counselor (CLC).

I then had the great opportunity to be accepted and able to attend  Maternidad la Luz (Midwifery School/Clinic MEAC accredited), a high volume birth center in El Paso TX, graduating in March 2016.  

I have attended births in multiple settings, including home, birth center, and hospital (and the occasional car-birth!). 

​Beyond birth work, I love running and doing pure barre classes (crazy combination of yoga, ballet, and pliates - it's been great for my pelvic floor), cycling with my kids, traveling, and I spend too much time missing the beach.

All three of my children were born with midwives in attendance. My two daughters were born in a hospital and my son was born at home, surrounded by family.

I had the honor of being asked to attend the birth of an acquaintance and being at this birth taught me two things: I loved being with women in labor and talking about pregnancy and newborn care, but I really wanted and needed to learn more. So, I began training as a doula.  

I took a DONA doula training in 2005.  I loved getting to know women and/or couples during this important time in their lives, and while supporting women in the hospital has its rewards, I learned my heart was with home birth. 

After practicing as a doula for a few years, I began studying midwifery at Southwest Wisconsin Technical Collge and apprenticing with Ingrid Andersson and other area midwives. I graduated with the first class of midwifery students from SWTC in 2010 and then passed the national certifying exam and was licensed to practice midwifery in 2011. 

Beginning my career as an educator taught me that each person is unique and deserves someone who will carefully listen to them, as well as someone who is observant and able to make changes in the moment.

As a doula I learned the rhythms of birth, the hospital system and found the special skill of being a calm, non-anxious presence in the face of stressful situations.

Since beginning my training to become a midwife, I’ve acquired skilled hands and an expertise in recognizing what is normal in pregnancy and birth. Because of my commitment to optimizing the breastfeeding relationship and getting the family off to the best possible start, I also trained to be a certified lactation counselor (CLC). I love my work with women and families, and my priority is to be the very best midwife for you.

Beyond birth work, walking and yoga are how I stay grounded and energized. To relax I love knitting, baking and cooking (especially for family and friends) I usually can be found sitting on the couch with my husband in the evenings eating ice cream and watching “This is Us” or reruns of “Parks and Rec” if there isn’t a new season of “Game of Thrones”.

​​​​​​ Four Trimesters MIDWIVES, LLC

Partos en casa con Parteras profesionales

I was scared I was doing the right thing by choosing a home birth and a midwife.  We received skepticism from some family, friends, and coworkers. Because this was our first baby we weren't sure who we should trust but it turns out we did exactly the right thing for US.
The day our baby was brought into this world with Hannah & Erika's help was the absolute best. Their support was so strong and continuous. I felt how proud of me they were and also that they had genuine sense of love for our daughter.

I liked how well Hannah & Erika worked together as a team. They were always on the same page as one another, but were able to offer different insight and perspectives based on their own personal experiences. We like to tell people just how smoothly we thought it all went. We felt so incredibly supported and safe with the midwife & doula team we had chosen. We tell people we would choose the same thing if and when we have another baby.

Hannah & Erika are experts. They are so very knowledgeable and experienced with everything regarding pregnancy & birth. They are well versed on the latest research. They empowered us to make our own informed choices regarding testing, medications, and ultrasound. They made themselves very available for any questions/concerns that popped up between visits. They were excellent at calming our anxieties around the process and reassuring us when necessary.

The postpartum care we received was so thorough. My baby was 3 weeks early and we struggled with breastfeeding at first. Hannah & Erika made several trips to see us and spent a lot of time and hard work making sure Maple was eating ok and that it wasn't painful for me. They were so dedicated and made our best interest their priority.

-Jaclyn B